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What does this mean for District 6?

The Republicans still hold the House and Senate.

Republicans have controlled the Senate since 1984

 Republicans have controlled the House since 1999 except for 4 yrs during Granholm 2007-2011.

This district needs to vote in a Republican.Democrats don't have majority votes to get what we need passed. 



I am a Registered Nurse that wants to bring my health care and insurance knowledge  experience to Lansing.

Nurses take care of all people of all ages and all backgrounds and therefore I welcome votes from Independents, Republicans and Democrats.We need a health care provider on the Health Policy committee. That's my goal.  Health issues are for everyone regardless of your party affiliation.

I helped in my father's State Farm office so if Detroit doesn't vote me in-then Lansing will know high auto insurance rates were not a priority.I have knowledge of auto and no-fault insurance. I can understand the bills proposed and I can drive legislation to further lower the cost.         

You picked the person without the insurance experience so no more whining about high insurance rates because he can do nothing nor does his vote matter.                                                                                                                             



There is currently a Patient Safety Act in the legislature that I want to help push through and I need your help.

                                                                                                                                              The Patient Safety Act I really wanted as a nurse and ran on it in my video and issues. That was sponsored by Democrats and Stephanie Chang. I wanted to help push through. It will NOT pass as written. I could have helped her as a Republican Representative(and a nurse). Her term is 4 years so if I run again in 2 years, this district needs to think strategically. I will assume this district did not want it to pass since I ran on it and will advise the Republican majority committee not to pass it.






Committee to Elect Linda Sawyer
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