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Black Lives Matter

Did black people write the BLM platform? Doesn't look like it.

Let me explain:

Do black people obsess about Transgender , homosexuality, queer affirming? (Susan does as her terrorist group was all lesbian) They use the word "comrade" (Susan does because she is a  communist) "We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure and We dismantle the patriarchal practice"? Really? Our black population suffers without fathers.

I don't believe this was written by a black person...comrade?... By dividing the nation..communists conquer. This is what we are watching. Our black population being exploited yet again. 

I can't feed into this. It is wrong.

 Patriarchy is a social system in which men hold primary power and predominate in roles of political leadership, moral authority, social privilege and control of property. ... Even if not explicitly defined to be by their own constitutions and laws, most contemporary societies are, in practicepatriarchal.


Let's look at the founders of Black Lives Matter, the money trail, and Thousand Currents who handles the donations and its head Susan Rosenberg, a convicted communist terrorist. 


First, the founders admit to be trained Marxists. (Communists). 



Second, only 6% goes to the community. Where does the rest go? These men have done the research here:





Third, who heads Thousands Currents..the people who collect and distribute the money?

Who is the Vice Chair Susan Rosenberg?

She went to prison for 75 years for having 470 lbs of dynamite and machine guns and other arms.

Bill Clinton, on his last day, commuted her sentence.

This is who controls the BLM funds and why we are seeing her behavior re-emerge such as police targeting?

Let Glenn and a former NYU professor of communism..introduce you to Susan...





I do not support the #blacklivesmatter

I support black lives, white lives, all lives.

Their violence and support of communism is what I am fighting against. I will FIGHT.

Committee to Elect Linda Sawyer
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