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Legal Immigration

David Dudenhoefer could not understand why illegals were taken to our jails:


"At least one Republican questioned the reason for the use of local departments to house ICE detainees.

"If an influx of detainees occurs for whatever reason and an overflow results, then perhaps utilizing local departments may become necessary. But if this is a matter of convenience due to a lack of funding and resources and the result is draining resources of local departments, ... that is a problem," said David Dudenhoefer, GOP spokesman for Michigan's 13th district. 

"The local officials and protesters may have a valid point, and not commingling the responsibilities and duties of departments for a variety of reasons, both from the perspective of law enforcement and the perspective of citizens."

You are taken to jail in other countries if you are caught because you are in the country illegally and it is a crime. Make sense?

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