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Right-to-work states hold many advantages over other states, but the benefits of the Janus decision extend beyond economic growth. It grants nearly 5 million individuals the freedom to exercise their First Amendment rights. No one should be forced to give his or her hard-earned money to a private organization as a condition of employment, especially if that money is being used for political activity.

If workers find value in their union and choose to join it, they are exercising their freedom. If they choose to not join, they are also exercising their freedom. The important thing is that they have a choice. Millions of public workers across the country — including public safety employees in Michigan — now have the right to choose what is best for them.

If you stay in your union and do not pay dues- you are subject to the rules. You can be prevented from voting, being a steward. My place of work has had "non-bargained for employee" agreements for years. Nevada- a RTW state also has these. There is no reason why teachers, autoworkers etc cannot have these as well. In these agreements- the terms are set by the employer. 


I am all about freedom! 



 My introduction to unions.

I had just started working in a nursing home to help pay for college.

The union steward approached me with paperwork and asked me if I would like to join.

I asked what it was (never heard of a union). She said they would protect my job if I was to get fired and it was $30/mo. I politely said "No, thank you".

She said I HAD to.

I told her I would just get a job elsewhere if I got fired so I did not need that protection.

Quite honestly..I could have used that money for my sorority dues and beer.

She then told me if I didn't join..there was no guarantee my tires would not be slashed. I was pissed.

I went to the front office and told them what happened and the room got quite and I was told the union was separate. Later to find out they couldn't say anything.

When I called my dad and asked how much new tires were..I joined the union. 

This was a union I did NOT want to join and I didn't care what it offered me. 



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